AnneMarie kissing the head of a baby. Both are wearing white. AnneMarie is a dark blonde white woman. The brunette baby is turned away from the camera.

Hi! Iā€™m AnneMarie.

I am a working mom of two who has found passion and drive in the non-toxic living space.

I joke and say that my mom was organic before *organic* was a thing. Funny enough one of our biggest fights was me complaining about how we couldn’t just be a normal family who eats McDonalds and has sodas. Oh, how life has come full circle.

When I was pregnant with my first, I went down the rabbit hole of safe products, swiftly. Down I went into researching not only what other parents loved but what to look for, what made things “toxic” and how to ensure my kiddos started their lives the best way I could.

I share products that have been vetted by my type A, research-obsessed, and non-toxic/sustainable-focused self. These are all products I love and use almost every day, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

These days, if I’m going to buy something you best believe I am researching about it, first. Researching the materials or ingredients, researching the processing and manufacturing, researching the ethics of the company, all the things.

I also share the WHY behind my choices. I have a background in education and training so filling you in on the reasons for each selection is so important to me. I want YOU to have the knowledge to make safe choices for your life, too!