Shelfie Sunday! Some of Our Favorite Montessori Items

Shelfie Sunday! Every Sunday I *try* to switch up the toy shelf for my guy. This is a Montessori method that I absolutely love!

Rotating toys has tons of benefits for not only kiddos but also parents (hello less cleanup!) Another thing that I have noticed is that if there are too many toys, our little ones may become overwhelmed with the options.

With Fewer Options Kids:

🌿Engage more with the toys that are available

🌿Find creative and multiple ways to play with each object

🌿Appreciate what they have in a new way (whoa! “new” toy!)

🌿Make imaginative choices in their learning/play

🌿Helps to develop their ability to focus

Most of our toys are wooden. This comes from a non-toxic standpoint and also a learning one. Wooden toys provide tons of educational possibilities (weight, texture, temperature, shape) they are made from natural materials, they tend to have multiple purposes, and my favorite part- they’re beautiful!

Linked below are some of our favorite Montessori items both ones we personally own and ones on our wish list!

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The Play Kits by Lovevery



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