PFAS- Free Leggings: How to Ensure your Athleisure Clothing is Safe to Wear Everyday

My leggings have WHAT in them?

Mamavation asked a couple of months ago what everyone’s favorite legging brands were because she was going to test them for PFAS. The results aren’t pretty, guys.

In the results, from third-party testing, we see that many of the fan-favorite brands came back positive in the crotch area (!!!) YIKES

PFAS exposure is linked to:

  • reduced immunity
  • cardiovascular disease
  • growth & learning delays in infants and kids
  • cancer risk
  • many more!

Clean Legging Options:

The good news is that THREE brands have great options for you to swap your legging out to PFAS free options. And the even better news is that I personally own all three brands (and have affiliate links 😉) so I can give you the low down & provide further recommendations 🙂 Check out my recommendations for organic leggings, below. There’s even a recommendation for maternity leggings, as well!

MATE the Label*

Groceries Apparel*


Check out the Mamavation study, here.

Was your favorite pair of leggings on the list? Not sure? Ask below and I can let you know! 👇🏼

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